Opening weekend is always a tumultuous time for me.  The anticipation of dry-fly season is part of a bittersweet stew that includes replacing a circuit box, moving in new equipment, prepping an entire restaraunt from scratch and convincing my back and knees that no, you didn’t retire last season, you’ve just been on bed rest for the last six months.

While my friends sit down-state amid the drudgery of a normal, paper-pushing life, only dreaming of the Au Sable, I’m here.  

I’ll be here for the first day of hennies.  I’ll be the first to hear a story told in the small hours of the fly shop and I’ll know the exact time and location of the season’s first rising trout… well, maybe.

I love it.  Gates Lodge and the Au Sable are special places.  And while I may be envious of their new trucks or Roth IRAs, I know that emotion pales in comparison to the envy they feel after I announce that I, and my Jack Pine brethren, just witnessed the greatest… you get the picture.  It’s great being here.  It’s an honor and a privilege. 

We’ve got some exciting additions to the menu this year, including our new “On the Fly” features.  These items are great for take out and can be sent out the window in a snap.  We’ve also made some improvements to the facade of the dining room, a change I think that will be well received.  

Thank you for your continued support.  Here’s to another great season.