Thanksgiving Addendum

11/27/2015  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  My dad and I spent our Black Friday on some local trout water down in his neck of the woods.  We hooked a few fish, but we were no match for our Hoosier friends who traveled south to show us how it’s done.  It’s hard to beat home water.   The Indy boys scored some nice ones, a few that required the net.  Pops and I moved some dandies but couldn’t connect.  The highlight was watching Todd in the distance land six trout in about four minutes from beneath an old leaning sycamore tree.

Up north, I hear a nice big rainstorm has left the Au Sable particularly trouty.  Higher water and above average temperatures will make for a fine week of streamer fishing for post-spawn trout.  Oversized black and olive streamers, maybe a little yellow, maybe a little white, fished on a floating line in the upper rivers (and on a sinking line in the lower rivers) will almost certainly score some dandy trout this weekend and into next week.  December trout are willing feeders, but they don’t like sitting in fast water.  It’s amazing some of the “dead” water these fish will come out of.  If you have an inkling to travel, and can spring free for a few days, don’t hold back.  Daytime highs are to be high 30s/low 40s.  This can make for some very fine trout fishing.

I can’t wait to get back.  Adventure awaits in the off-season.  From watching Verlac trying to halt a 100-pound canoe down a 50-foot hill, to the determined chase of a big, winter trout that made the adventure worth it, to the cold beers in the hot garage while tying tomorrow’s flies at the end of today, the rhythm of the big empty winter valley is contagious.  It spreads from one day to the next, a nice unfolding of daytime highs met, and overnight lows avoided.

Our fall “gift” catalog is in the mail.  We ran out of room, and are tweaking it for spring 2016, but we hope you like it, and will consider us for your holiday shopping.  Check out our online fly shop at:  Don’t see it?  We’ll get it for you.

We have rooms available for $50/single and $75/double through the winter.  Check out the off-season on the Au Sable, and see what it means to get away.  This is some of the finest streamer fishing of the year, and the warmer forecast is perfect.



I think the idea of a fish farm on the Au Sable is a bad joke, the punchline being that it will provide a couple of jobs, as opposed to the hundreds that rely on a healthy wild trout fishery.  The technology does exist for it to be done cleanly.  But the permit the state granted won’t require it be done cleanly at all.   Not even close.  It will instead be run like a backwoods septic system.  Look at it this way, if a cabin owner wanted to install a septic system like the fish farm has, they would NEVER get permitted.  This double standard is striking.

August 25, 2014 john l. Russell

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Watch this video or check out the Anglers of the Au Sable’s new website (, and learn about the fish farm and what a bad idea it is



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