Jeeze, the weather is perfect, and I’m leaving tomorrow for Ohio.  Great fun, family, food…but no trout where I’m going.  If you’re heading to the Au Sable or Manistee, it should be fantastic.  Today was the first good warm day of what looks like about five in a row.  In the winter, we dream of such forecasts.  Put on your Santa hat and grab your six-weight and your streamer box.


A few lakes are just starting to get safe ice.  Denny and Jordan found some perch today, and I’m ready for some hard water for those days when it just seems too cold to trout fish.  I also think Simms should get into the whole ice fishing thing.  They already are making bass tournament threads.

We’ll be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…otherwise the fly shop will be open.  Stop in and see us.  Go fishing.  End the old year on a high note, and start the new year out on the same.  From all of us at Gates Lodge, season’s greetings.