It’s a good weekend to tie some flies.  We hope to see you this Saturday for some free fly tying lessons, chili, and good times.   One room opened up for both Friday and Saturday.  Make a weekend out of it!

This past warm-up was awesome.  Not that we landed a bunch of big fish, but we caught a few, saw some others.  Those little thaws you get really wake up the river valley.  All of a sudden there are ducks in the little bays, deer under the cedars, and trout on the chase…


Drew with a streamer brown to make the day!

or on the nymph…


Ernie caught this beautiful Au Sable rainbow and let guide Jordan make kissy faces at it 

It culminated with a snow-melt foggy day yesterday.  Dan and Grant fished with Matt and saw over a dozen good fish come to the fly during an afternoon float.  All in all, people took advantage of a little break in the winter.  Good thing, ’cause now it’s just shy of a blizzard.  Very cold.  Very windy.  And it looks like it’ll be pretty snowy.  This is the kind of weather that freezes your car door shut.  You just have to wrap yourself in furs and feathers and grab the shovel and the salt and get through it.  By next Tuesday (right now, high 35) we’ll be hiking through snow drifts, or dragging boats, to get to the river.  And there’ll probably be some fish at the end of that quest.

I had big designs to tie some flies tonight, and even do a Fortnightly Fly, but the new puppy had other plans.  She shredded both my hackles and, worse, scattered my wood duck — sweet, precious, wood duck — in our backyard, where the feathers found the wind and were whipped into the white oblivion.  She’s now asleep and probably doesn’t remember a thing about it.  The most expensive puppy isn’t the one that costs the most from the breeder, it’s any puppy owned by a fly tyer.

We have rooms open all winter…$60/single and $75/double.  Fishing, tying, skiing…there’s lots to do in the winter and the lodge is a great base camp for it.  We actively to all three, we even ice fish, and can help direct you to some up north fun.