Previous Fishing Reports

This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Last Casts

There’s something solemn and resolute about the last cast of the day. It’s the cast that must be perfect: it must land where it is intended, it must be fished

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Soaking it up

Admiring the changing leaves while mopping up forehead sweat and swatting at mosquitoes isn’t traditional September fare.  The optimistic angler senses opportunity: another week of tricos; another week, perhaps the

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Still feels like summer

Blue sky, red stained leaves, and a river covered in ants.  Fish rises are the only interruption to the fall reflection.  The trout fishing has been great this week, from

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River Cleanup

Grab your family, fishing buddies, and/or friends, some garbage bags and Rusty’s signature “trash pokers” and hit the river!  It’s less than a month until the Anglers of the Au

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