In what might be a first, I didn’t fish this week.  There was a day to go but that came and went, and then it got pretty cold.  Yesterday’s high temperature was about six degrees.  Today was around nine.  The wind chill wasn’t fun.  It snowed all day too.  So I tied some flies and finally updated the Fortnightly Fly.  So as far as fish pics, I stole one from Alex…he’s had some nice afternoons nymphing the deeper water:

But otherwise the river has been pretty quiet, and will probably stay pretty quiet for the rest of the winter.  We have about 4-6″ of snow on the ground out here, though I hear the Manistee has quite a bit more.  The cross-country ski conditions are still a bit rough but tonight’s snow should help pad the trails a bit.

A great launch point for classic skis

This weekend offers a small reprieve.  Early next week looks pretty great: low 30s and overcast.  It seems that just about every week in the winter has a few days near freezing, and those are the best.  I’m not sure if the trout or the angler benefits more from the warmer temps, but I do know that more fish are caught when the air temperature is over 25 degrees.  The skeptic in me says that this is because those are the days that I go fishing.  I can remember a few brutal afternoons with air temps in the low teens that were memorable, but also frustrating.  The fingers won’t work, the fly line won’t work…but still a few trout were caught.  In the winter, it doesn’t take much to make a day.  A few guys braved it this past weekend.  One angler caught his first trout on his new Scott G — I think he might have said it was his first cast — and is now hoping it wasn’t some kind of omen…as he didn’t touch another trout all afternoon.  Still, when you’re bundled up and the snow is accumulating on you, to feel a trout’s life in a fly rod is pretty warming.

 Holiday Shopping

Our Holiday catalog is out…in pdf form at least.  Still waiting on the printer to print it and ship it.  Read.  Share.  Circle what you want!  If you don’t see it, we can get it for you.  Gates-2017-Holiday-Catalog

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The New Scott G Series fly rods are in.  We demoed these all winter.  Perfect Au Sable rods with way more power in the hand then the precursor.

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