I knew I’d sneak a fishing report in here somewhere.  An email from my friend Dave sealed it.  His grandson Joe is dealing with knee surgery…on both knees.  But Joe is a die hard fly fisher and his dad Don brought the hobbling boy to the banks of the Au Sable where, against all odds, Joe’s Au Sable blood prevailed.  Check out this dandy he caught from the bank at the lodge!  The best time to fish is when you can.  And the best place to fish is where you can.

I’m down in Cherokee writing this on the banks of the Oconaluftee River.  We’re prepping for some backcountry mountain fishing on an old favorite stream that Katy and I camped beside about 15 years ago.  I remember drinking tea on a giant boulder above a good trout pool.  Plan on drinking some tea there tomorrow, now with two kids hopping around looking for salamanders.

The weather up in Grayling looks AWESOME all this week and into the next week.  Denny and John will be running next week’s Free Fly Tying Saturday.  Tie flies in the morning, and fish the afternoon!  I’ll try to sneak in another report as I hear from the crew up north.