Or it’s easy, depending on who you ask, and where everyone was, and what fly they had on, and the current breaks, and the lucky breaks, and the tippet breaks.  The hot weather has hatched some spectacular evenings.

The cold weather for some great afternoons.

But there are no guarantees in mid-May.  The trout are well-fed and finicky, the hatches are complex, the drifts always seem difficult, and the hatch chart is always changing.  You can hit the bugs head on, and still miss…often because you engage a giant, picky trout and spend the rest of the night learning that your fly selection, leader, tippet, casting, mending, general stream theory are all subpar, and you’ll have to sleep with that bitter pill in your mouth.  Such results seem unimaginable in the winter.  Summer is sweet, but it can sting.

I guess what I mean to say is that the fishing is awesome.  The river lights up when there are bugs.  And there are bugs.  Lots of them: mahoganies, Borchers drakes, the last of the hendricksons, sulphurs, more sulphurs, Siphloplecton, a tiny olive I’ve never noticed, popcorn caddis, yellow sallies, olive stones, thrashers.

The rivers are all in excellent shape, and the South Branch is wadable for moderately experienced anglers.  At night, my phone beeps with text pictures of trout.  It’s a great, exciting time, and one of my favorite weeks of the year.  You know, that week before the…

The hatches are catching up, in other words, and now is that time of year when you can fish a size 14 Roberts Yellow Drake as a searching pattern.  Or, as we had to yesterday, tie a beadhead pheasant tail behind it…and clean up!

There is the threat of weather on Saturday but in general the forecast is pretty great for the rest of the week, weekend and into next week.  If you love evening fishing, if you love casting at rising trout, if you love trying to figure out what in the heck a trout is eating…I can’t imagine a better week, forecast, or conditions.

Demo Days: Orvis  This weekend Doug Bear from Orvis will be here with a slew of H3 rods.  The H3F is a spectacular stick for in close.  The H3D is a high-line speed rod.  Both are worth casting.  And now there’s incentive.  We’ll have free hats, and all those casting are entered into a huge Orvis raffle.  If you are thinking about a new rod, this a great weekend to try some out.