Previous Fishing Reports

This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Second Season

We had frost two nights ago.  Saturday is supposed to be 95 degrees. Too big for the net It’s about a week too early to write about the second season,

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Glurp in the Night

Fish sounds.  Every night angler makes them: “I was casting in that backwater and blurp!…got ’em!”  Glurp, Pop, Boosh!  It’s like a little bit of beatbox has invaded our angling vernacular. 

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Heat wave

  It has been…a pretty odd week. The big heat of late May started a ripple effect throughout the river system, pushing the brown drakes thru too quickly in many

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Sweet Spot

It’s hard to gage time in June.  Last week’s report seems written a month ago.  I don’t know where to begin.  Maybe Saturday: the soft light of a setting sun

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