Fish sounds.  Every night angler makes them: “I was casting in that backwater and blurp!…got ’em!”  Glurp, Pop, Boosh!  It’s like a little bit of beatbox has invaded our angling vernacular.  We’ve been hunting some fish sounds this week on the Au Sable.  The river has been very busy, sleep has been difficult to find, the daytime fishing has been difficult, and the moon has both made it easier to zoom in on a rise, and a bit more difficult to fool said riser.

The hunt for big fish can encroach on the beauty of the hex hatch.  A mayfly that forces anglers out late also provides the opportunity for anglers to hear two barred owls hooting to each other across the river; for me to learn constellations; to watch a muskrat vacuuming up hex duns as well as any trout; to see two deer standing in tall grass and mist, and moon above that; to see a young fox scamper across the road at 3 am; or to see a surprising mobile fawn do the same.

The bugs themselves are beautiful, though they are common.  I enjoy hearing the wings of the duns as they leave the shuck and take off.  I enjoy the quiet sounds of a backwater, and the way the trout move in there to feed.  I like the electric hum of a flight of spinners — a hum I’m certain many will hear tonight.  It’s an electric hatch, a connective event that keeps minds wandering through the many daytime tire-kicking conversations.  I know that Helmicki is still thinking of the trout from two nights ago.  I’m thinking of the lucky trout I hit on Friday, when nothing happened except, well, that one trout rising four times, the last time being one too many.  I’m thinking of the second season: the olives, the tricos, the daytime attractors, the mice, the bass lakes.  I’m thinking of all the emotion and stress and jubilation that comes with hex.  I’m thinking of the many pictures, some just plain funny, that I receive this time of year, of big trout recorded in a variety of ways.  From this well framed shot:

To this classic, grainy, falling sideways, excited, unbelieving finally-got-a-big-one:

So that’s it.  It’s hex season.  Keep your red lights on.  Have patience at the take-outs.  Ask which side you’d like another angler to pass on.  Stay smiling.  Have fun.  Be safe.  Don’t forget to mend.

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Artist Jeff Kennedy has teamed up with Vedavoo and Anglers of the Au Sable to help our fight against a ridiculous fish farm permit.  How bad is the permit?  It’s so bad, that the permit predicts degradation to the river, and then justifies it.  It’s really bad.  Your entry into this sweepstakes helps us correct this mistake.  This is a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork/gear that you enter to win.  Click the link, donate some money, and help us keep the Au Sable clean.  All proceeds support our circuit court case.  A big thanks to Vedavoo for making this happen.  Click link below.  Donate.

Special June Menu

From now thru July 4th, we have a special June dining menu. This is wicked June fishing grub.