Previous Fishing Reports

This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Looking for trout

Usually I like to have a game plan in place.  An example will be on Sunday I know where I’m going to float, what flies I’m going to use, and

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Happy Thanksgiving

November reminds me just how bright, still, and cold a night can be.  Like many, I took a week off fishing because of deer season.  Not because I relentlessly pursue

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Gone Dog

Streamer camp has come and gone, and it was — like the rest of them — its own unique experience.  It’s winter up here.  There is snow on the ground. 

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Fall into November

We’re having a little tying session, Caddyshack on the tv, and enough beads, cone and wire to sink a driftboat.  Winter is in the forecast and we’re tying accordingly.  The

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And then one day you wake up and it’s November.  The sky is flat and gray and the wind is humid and 35 degrees and the earth is a lot

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