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It’s laughable to think that in six months the best place to fish will be the one with the fewest number of cars.  No one is fishing, the rivers are in perfect shape, the trout are on the feed, and it has been nice to see a healthy Au Sable full of fat post-spawn trout.


The warmer water temperatures have the fish pushed out of the backwaters and into the holes and runs, particularly the top drop-offs.  Like people, the trout seem to accept the winter weather.  I don’t know if the psychology is the same, but maybe…?  Thirty degrees is a lot easier to handle after a few subzero nights.

I made it out a few times this week including a sweet little solo mission on a beautiful afternoon.

Img 9159

And found one single nice fish that ate after the third adjustment to my nymph rig.  There’s not much sweeter (at least when it comes to the fumbling nature of winter fly fishing) than adjusting a nymph rig based on nothing more than an intuition, doing it again, and one last time; and then, from the very pool you’ve been fishing, hooking a big fat trout.  It’s like finding a treasure after digging a dozen holes.

He fought slowly but determinedly and I led him into a soft muck flat and landed him.  I plucked a leech from a pectoral fin and the fly from his mouth.  It was enough for that afternoon.

Img 2289

A dandy streamer brown from a weekend double guide trip

This weekend looks to be more of the same great trout weather.  With another inch or two of snow, there’ll be some cross-country skiing to mix in….though my own skiing will have to wait for some less trouty weather conditions.  If you’re a winter angler, and can navigate the “tricky fishing conditions” of the family holiday season, this is a good weekend to come spend some time on the water.

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