I’m sick of monochrome:  It’s time for color.  It’s zero degrees right now and snowing: Time for some heat too.  Tired of tying mayflies: I’m ready for some of the real ones. I could put out a fishing report but it has been sub-zero every night and the river is slushy.  So instead of a pic of that, here’s a pic of this instead:

And yes, we caught some fish this weekend though they required a lot of grit.  Nothing has been easy lately.  Vehicles have been stuck.  Hands chapped.  And the pics I have were taken on solo adventures, trout in hand over water.  So here’s a two-footer taken on an Iso in June:

Most of the dusks have been bland and short-lived, and I haven’t seen a trout rise in months (if you don’t count the South Holston).  But they were rising on this night…

The Midwest Fly Fishing Expo is this weekend and by Thursday afternoon the fly shop will be empty.  We’ll spend the weekend immersed in all things fly-fishing.  We’ll have our usual deals, and all the new products, and ten quivers of rods, and it’s going to be a whirlwind tour.  But that’s not the best part of the show.  The best part is that we all get to join in a collective dream of the Michigan spring.

2019 Events (March and April are live, but lots more to come!)

The Spring Catalog is here!  We are still updating a few items at www.gatesflyshop.com

Gates Lodge 2019 Spring Catalog




We’re closed this weekend!  See you on Monday for the beginning of what looks to be a prolonged warm-up.