Previous Fishing Reports

This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!


It’s canoe marathon week on the Au Sable.  The race kicks off Saturday evening, sending a horde of paddlers down the dark river.  Sunday morning the water on the mainstream

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Heat wave

Like everywhere, it’s been hot.  The rivers have held their own so far but we could see some high water temps Friday and Saturday.  The upper rivers are diurnal and

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The second season

Admiringly we refer to this season as the second season.  The hex are not gone but they are going, the tricos are not going but they have arrived.  The slate

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About ten days into the 2019 hex season and it’s just starting to feel like summer.  The river in front of the lodge is lower and clearer and “looks” like

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