Previous Fishing Reports

This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Catch a tiger

Well…it’s been quite a week.  The vast majority of folks were chasing the not-so-elusive hex over the last seven days and most were finding some bugs and some trout.  This

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Chasing the white-gloved howdy

Bear sightings, big fish stories, no-fish stories, cute fawn pictures, unidentified hatches, too cold, too hot, too many people, and no one around: that’s a week of drakes.  The heat

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The Magic Riffle

This weekend, we’ll be draking under the moon.  I know this, because tonight I was draking under the moon and I just got back home from it.  Midnight came early. 

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