A heavy snow weighed down the woods today and I meant to get to the river to “take pictures” and maybe do a little fishing but…  Well, somedays you just don’t get to go.  And that’s okay.  I find a little late night tackle tinkering and fly tying scratches the itch just enough.  Like some of you, we’ve got our kids 24/7 right now.  If Katy and I want to go fishing, the drift boat has to fit four.  Still, we made it out this past week and plan to go again tomorrow.  Katy found the dandy rainbow at the top of the report on the inside of some dark water.  It seems the only bright things on dull November days are the critters.  Like this friendly pileated woodpecker that poked away above my head yesterday.

The fishing has turned somewhat slow.  It’s not bad — there are fish being caught — but whatever trout-vibe there is, it’s at a different frequency than it was last week.  The upper river has been nymph fishing somewhat consistently but the streamer fishing has slowed.  The middle and lower river have been producing some nice trout here and there.  It’s November.  It’s always a bit of a crapshoot.  Chartruese and white, black, black and brown have all been good…though I think the key this year, at least when it comes to streamer fishing, is big food trying to get away…slowly.

Have a great Thanksgiving.  Remember your favorite trout water, or fishing hole, for what it gave you during a pretty bad year.  I’ll be doing the same.

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