A pretty dramatic change in temperatures!  Last week, this:

And now this:

Rising trout, size 18 olives, trout on the spawn, trout on the nymph, trout on the chase, and even some trout-less days as well:  That’s a heat wave in November.  Seriously, it’s been beautiful on the river.  The river looks like a November river — dying weeds and spawning trout — but yesterday I fished in a single, long-sleeved shirt.  Had some good trout up and rising.  It was pretty awesome.  Yes, there might be some rising fish right through the weekend.  Might.

Even in the sun, there’ll be streamer fishing in the mornings and late afternoons, and the trout will gobble nymphs in these water temperatures through the lunch hour.   Mix in some egg flies with your nymph rig.  Trout should move to the shelves and the little drop-offs, which makes for more interesting nymph fishing than just fishing the middle of big deep pools.

Black and brown have been the streamer colors of choice.  I fish floating lines with weighted flies usually, and slow my retrieve a bit.  It’s really important to let the fly dangle at the end of the retrieve, especially if the glare is preventing you from seeing into the water.  Post-spawn trout will chase a fly down and eat it even when it’s just hanging there.  Yesterday, Holden started his next cast without the dangle, and there was a huge boil where his fly had been.  That trout had chased the fly across the river, and lunged a second too late.  Lucky for him.  Unlucky for us.

While we are in winter mode, the fly-shop is open everyday from 9 am – 2 pm and if you don’t have anything else to do, a little fair-weather November fishing probably sounds pretty good.  It sure has to us up here.  The conditions are beautiful, and everyone probably needs a break.  We have limited openings at the lodge this weekend.  Call us at 989 348 8462 if you want a room and an easy weekend next to a trout stream.

We’ve revamped our online fly-tying selection.  Check it out here:  https://www.gatesflyshop.com/fly-tying-2351842/.  Lots more to come…

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