Got some snow…

I only miss snow in the fall and late fall at that.  By December, though, I’m ready for it.  We got a nice snowfall a few days ago and the woods are still silent and the trees are all bent and the river looks much darker now, standing as it does in relief.

Img 4004

Before the snow, we got in some streamer fishing.  It was pretty good for the most part and always fun to whip a bunch of casts at the bank with a box of flies both new and old.  We did best on olive and white, I think, though we caught fish on black and yellow.  There was no good rhythm to the day.  On Wednesday I think we went four hours between trout…and then bang, bang, bang.  The trout looked healthy.

Img 3880

This weekend looks pretty nice and I imagine I’ll get out for it.  Winter can seem like a one-trick pony, but between sight-fishing, nymphing (indicator, tight line), and streamers (swing, strip, wade, float) you can kind of pick and choose based on your mood.  Matt and Scott had a nice winter float on Sunday, the day after the snow.  What a great time to get out.

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