Sunsets on the river

Now today felt like a December day, minus the snow of course.  Had a little ice in the guides, a little ice bobbing from the low river branches, a few midges around.  This is that humid, windy time of year that I find to feel much colder than the actual temperature.  Sure, January and February are much colder.  But it’s that November/December bone-aching chill that requires a hot shower (or a hot toddy).  But it’s still fishing.

Today Lance I defined confidence simply:  The feeling that follows the catching of a trout.  It took a while for us to find our confidence today.  But we found it along an inside seam.  A nice brown on a nymph.  It broke the skunk and kept us upbeat through the cold.

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River conditions are tad high for this time of year, but clear.  This is post-spawn time.  It’s a mix of subsurface presentations, from swinging to stripping to dead-drifting.  I look for trout on soft edges or outright backwaters, or along drop-offs.  It’s pleasant, slow, work.  Once the snow flies, recreation time gets further divided by skiing.  It’s good to get outside in the winter.   I went squirrel hunting with my son the other day — a sunny day — and it was just peaceful walking the oak ridges.   We didn’t see a squirrel, grouse, deer, or person.  Just the leaves crunching.  And I think that’s about right to the trout angler.  The first note we hear when we go fishing is the sound of the river breaking around our waders.  It’s the sound of something wild, isn’t it?

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Matt floated Sam and Curtis for a couple of days this week and they had a blast.  A few good trout each day, and plenty of joking around I’m sure.  These guys have known each other for years.  Matt will be available for trips most of the winter, including through December.  This is a great time of year to play the forecast, and find a warm day, and get outside.  Floats are either half-days ($325) or 3/4 days ($375), one or two anglers.

Holiday Catalog: We’ve finished up our holiday catalog and it has mailed out today!  Here it is in digital form:  2020 Holiday Catalog.  Check out our built-up online store at, don’t miss our new Online Tying Section,, and keep us in mind when you are putting together your wish list.  Starting Friday, our phone is on 9 am – 9 pm.  Custom fly selections, fly-tying odds and ends, we can help.


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