It’s been a wild weather week up here, from un-forecasted snowstorms to beautiful afternoons.  Now it’s settled into a cold sort of blowy snow, and last night — for a few hours at least — we lost power.  It’s the sort of weather that you just value being warm.  Winter makes it simple.  It’s hard to believe it’s the holidays already.  In December, I always think winter won’t seem long enough.  By March, I think spring will never come.

We lost a ton of snow yesterday and last night and there are bare spots under some of the trees in the yard.  We had pretty good streamer fishing the last few days.  While I did see some good fish over the last week, the best streamer take I had all fall was from a little brook trout.  Such tenacity!  He followed my streamer across the river.  I tried to pull the fly away so the fish didn’t get one of the big hooks…but the trout accelerated.  I lifted my rod to bring the fly to me, and the trout chased it right up to my belly and attacked the fly a half-foot from my waders, eating an inch below the surface.  It was pale, rare, winter brook trout…and luckily it was lightly hooked.  Just a bright little snowstorm surprise.

Below is a fly to tie this Christmas…it’s been a good one to me over the last couple June seasons.

Have a great holiday break, and see you in 2021!

The Klinky Iso
The Klinkhamer was originally tied as a caddis imitation, but then so was the Adams.  This Iso imitation is a great all-around June searching pattern that sits half-submerged.  It’s particularly effective when the trout are casually rising to sporadic Iso hatchers (you know, those unseasonably cool June days when a busted drake spinner fall morphs into an event of equal or greater magnificence).  The key ingredient is the squirrel dub, which sops up water and keeps the fly sitting correctly.  Hackle it heavily and put floatant on the post and hackle only.  I tie this fly (varying shape, size and color) for the hendrickson and brown drake as well.

Material list:  Daiichi 1160 Size 10-12, Uni 6/0 Olive Dun Thread, Black Pheasant Tail, Gray Squirrel, EP Dark Dun Fibers, Dun and Grizzly Hackle