The fourth season

It feels pretty November-y right now.  Gray and clammy.  I think November is the coldest month as measured by the number of spine chills I get during the course of my day.  It also offers some fine, quiet trout fishing for post-spawn trout.  Right now IS the spawn.  The trout are hopping on the gravel and doing their thing.  We had a customer yesterday that decided to drink a beer and just enjoy a boat ride and look at the fish spawning.  Downstream, below the gravel, they found a few trout.  And I think that’s the best way.

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I love this tree

This is the time of year to fish black streamers, nymph (and “egg”), to fish the soft holding water along the banks or to pick apart a pool or two.  From here, the fishing does remain pretty consistent and good on the cloudy days through mid-December, or whenever the bottom drops out and it gets cold.  For the rest of the weekend and next week, the weather looks just about right for a mix of streamer and nymph fishing.  If you want the last dry fly fishing of the season, BWOs will continue on the upper North Branch for another week or so.  In the end, this is the end of the third season and the beginning of the fourth:  Winter.

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Kim with a dandy brook trout

We are closing the restaurant after this weekend and, starting Sunday, we will be closing the fly shop at 2 pm and opening on Monday at 9 am.  Evenings will be spent fly tying…and the videos should start soon.  Thanks for a great season on the Au Sable.

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End of the Season:  We will be operating under “off-season rules” after we serve breakfast on October 31.

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