Well it’s deer season in Michigan….  If you’re an obsessive deer hunter, you’re already in the woods.  If you don’t deer hunt, or like to also fish, then now is a great time to be on the water.  Lance and I made it out for a nymph session yesterday afternoon.  There was nobody around:  a quiet upstream afternoon wade.  There were a lot of empty redds in the water we fished and one active one.  We found a few trout sitting on the sand for some sight-fishing, and Lance hooked one of them, but mostly we fished the deep water.  With all the eggs floating around in the water, it wasn’t surprising that the egg was the thing.  I’d forgotten ALL my nymphs so I just had a puck of five flies, three of which were eggs.  It was good enough.

The trout were small and podded up.  Most were rainbows.  We didn’t see any bigger browns, but the action was fierce, and in an hour we’d landed over a dozen little silver rockets and a few small browns.  One brown was busy surviving some kind of attack!

The long-term forecast is as up and down as you’d expect from the middle of November.  Fifty yesterday, sub-freezing today.  But there aren’t any terrible cold snaps on the horizon.  I remember a few years when we hit the zero mark around Thanksgiving.  That’s bad for the trout and the angler.  If the trout are used to the cold, they will chase streamers right through water temperatures in the thirties, and post-spawn trout fishing is a pretty fun thing to do.  Bundle up, and go fishing!

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