Our first big snow has coated the river valley.  Aesthetically…it’s great.  I mean, a foot of snow (or more) coating the pines and spruces is peaceful.  Practicality speaking…the river access is difficult to impossible.  You cannot drive into Stephan Landing, for instance.  This makes what is pedestrian in the summer remote and even adventurous in the winter, which is why I love it.

The snow came on Sunday and some lake effect has brushed us in since then.  It snowed.  Like an inch an hour for twelve hours.  Denny was plowing all night.  Nethers texted me and said that if he didn’t plow the lodge now, it would take a tractor to get the job done.  We were leaving for Ohio on Monday and in prepping for the trip I had to run to the lodge three times that evening to tidy up loose ends.

Stephan Bridge Road

Since then, it’s warmed up, and kept warming up…and now it appears we’re on the front end of a long warm-up that should lead to some good winter fishing.  Good winter fishing, mind you, means moving a some fish and maybe catching one or two.  In the winter, those “one or two” tend to be big ones.  It pays to get out there in the cold.  More than any other time of year, winter fishing is half faith and half technique.  If you’re into this sort of masochism, I’d watch next week.  If you can play hooky…it’s a good time to do so!  If you want a guide, we do have a few days available though the rest booked up.  Winter can be good.

Lance with a nice one from today

We have been busy shipping gifts and are thankful for the orders.  A couple new items have arrived, including…

Jac Ford’s new book (it’s a stunner!). I’ve had the pleasure to fish with Jac several times.  Besides the incredible entertainment and snacks, he’s an absolute wealth of knowledge.  You’ll like this one.

Another great book:  The Optimist.  Somehow these two just go together.

Simms CX Hoody:  Very solid wear-around attire.

While we ship gift certificates old school style, we can also email.  Just let us know if you’d like it mailed or emailed in the comments section of the order.

Check out what we have at www.gatesflyshop.com.  And here is a link to our holiday catalog:  Gates HC 2021 Small

We have our shop phones on 9 am – 9 pm.  If you don’t reach us, leave a message and we’ll call you back.

We’ve got new hoodies and shirts here.