With the end of deer rifle season, there’s newfound silence in on the river.  Time to fish.  I spent last week tidying up my gear in anticipation of a little fishing this week and weekend…most of which doesn’t appear like it’s going to happen.  While I didn’t have a big fishing window today, I got out for a bit.  I had my nymphs all organized.  New prototypes.  Two rods.  Three different spools.  Streamer boxes.  And then I headed to a tough stretch of winter river.  It’s a very low percentage spot…but it’s big on solitude.  The water was crystal clear.  I managed but one little trout!  But, again, big on solitude…which sounded kind of like a sour grapes after getting my butt kicked.

But it’s been good this week.  The holiday weekend was particularly good.  Matt got out and found some nice fish, as did many others.

The fishing stayed productive right through the weekend.  One young group of anglers fished hard and caught some fish nymphing.  I overheard them excitedly discussing their success as I walked across the parking lot, probably in search of a snow shovel.  They were amped.  Which got me amped.  When the fishing is on, it’s soooo addicting, especially if the river has been kicking your butt.  Which it did to me today.  So, in writing this, I have to say that I’m amped to get back on the water, be it 40 degrees or 20 degrees, and try to tempt a trout or two.

We’ve had a little snow, a little ice, a little rain…so some of the backroads are not suitable to two-wheel drive vehicles.  Otherwise, access is good for now, and the rivers are in excellent shape.

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