Happy 2022!

Today was a perfect busted forecast.  I heard 1-3″, we got significantly more than that.  With the upcoming cold snap, I’ll be skiing during the day and tying flies at night.  Today, though, with the snow falling and temps around 30 degrees, it was definitely time to get some fishing in.  No one was on the river today.  Those that might be on the river were ice fishing, and the fruits of their labor I intend to enjoy with a side of tartar.

It was pretty nasty out there.  Big snow flakes, little snowflakes, wind, a leak in my right lower leg.  I stayed close, fished up and down from the lodge.  The nymph trout were doing their thing, though they were definitely toward the tail-outs, which meant I had to make some adjustments to where I normally stand.  I’ve been fishing the same pools for so long, even fishing a yard down from my normal spot felt foreign.  But the trout were just on the deep side of the lip of the pool.  They weren’t big.  But they were happy to eat a white-bead nymph (the ice fishing team reported that white was the color for bluegill as well!)

The wind got to be a bit much for the nymph so I switched to a streamer.  It was a streamer I’d tied last year, a swing-style fly for cold winter wades, and I’d never fished it before.  Pretty simple:  copper flash, black, eyes, dangling hook.  I tied it on, dropped it in the water, gave a couple test jigs with the rod tip…and a good trout, a big trout, darted from a downstream log jam, covered about six feet of water, smashed the streamer at my feet, was hooked and lost, and all without me making a cast.  Damn!  It’s on!  And that, of course, was the only fish I moved on the streamer.

We have rooms open if you’d like a quiet winter getaway.  Ski, fish, chill.  It’s a good escape.  The shop is open 7 days/week, from 9 am – 2 pm, and we are now in full winter mode, tying flies for the summer, dying deer hair, and getting in tons of fly tying stuff.  Our first preseasons start to roll in over the next few weeks.  The season is going to be here, soon enough!  Until then, we’ll be chasing trout in the snow.   Our plans to do some winter dinners and tying classes are on pause as we do a little interior remodeling (more to come…).  Winter projects, I think they’re called.