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Spring Cleaning Sale Weather Update:  Looks like crappy weather this Saturday.  Due to forecasted high winds, we will not be teaching fly-casting.  We will, however, be having a sale which will now extend into Sunday if you want to cherry-pick the nicer of the two days.  If you’re signed up for a nymphing class, we will go even in the snow.  After all, it’s nymphing!  See you this weekend.

I’ve got a stellar Ohio suntan from a nice little midwestern spring break.  I can tell you what an Ohio farm pond bass is eating, but I’m not super tuned into the trout on the Au Sable right now.  But what I hear is this:

The inconsistent weather has made for some pretty slow days of streamer fishing.  The nymph anglers are doing okay.  We have several big weather turns coming this weekend and then what we hope is a long and meaningful warming trend.  

And then the same folks who gave me the report hooked me up with a trout pic:


Before we left for Ohio, we were treated to an excellent showing of the northern lights.  It was awesome, second best I’ve experienced.  We woke the kids up twice because it kept getting better.

And for those who care, Ohio was 50 degrees and sunny and the pre-spawn bass were on fire.  Long after I left my childhood home, my mom and dad’s next door neighbor built a pond and stocked it.  Sadly, the neighbor had to leave the house.  The new owner had a connection to my dad, one thing lead to another, and we ended up with fishing permission on a virgin pond not 50 yards from the house I grew up in.  I would have DIED for this when I was twelve.  I think my kids caught every bass in that pond and some probably twice.   They weren’t big, but after a long winter, who cares?

Img 2022

Looking at the long-term forecast, I see some pretty good spots on the horizon.  We aren’t all that far away from dry-fly fishing, Saturday’s weather be damned.  And to that end, we are starting to accelerate our opening of the Lodge.  We will be serving dinners on April 7,8 and April 14,15…and we still have rooms and guides available if you want to turn it into a great preseason fishing weekend.  You’ll have uncrowded rivers and what looks like pretty decent wading conditions.  The red wing blackbirds are in the alders.  Spring is in the air.

April Fools Spring Cleaning Sale and Chili Snack, April 1, 9 am – 4 pm and April 2, 9 am – 2 pm

On Saturday, April 1st, we’re going to build a fire outside, build some chili inside, and celebrate spring.  We’re taking over the restaurant that weekend with sale items, giveaways, free fly tying materials, and more.   Basically, we just need a good excuse to throw a small but worthwhile party to celebrate the new year.  We hope you’ll stop and say hello.  We have rooms to rent that weekend, and guides available as well.

Come Enjoy the Preseason Season:  We’re serving dinners on April 7-8 weekend, and April 14-15 weekend.  The long range weather forecast looks pretty darn good.  Might not have rising fish yet, at least not that first weekend, but if you’ve not fished the early season, it’s a treat.  Nymphs and streamers, easy water or difficult, float or wade…it’s especially nice to be on the water before the northern woods fill back up with people.  We have rooms and guides available.  Just email me at [email protected] if interested.

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