There hasn’t been much in the way of fishing around here.  The first wave of snow hit on Friday evening and dumped the wet stuff, and the second wave came on Saturday evening and deposited darn near a foot of lake effect powder across Northern Michigan.  Then the temperatures plummeted into the single digits.  We didn’t lose power (though it flickered briefly) and schools were closed on Monday, but it made for a classic mid-winter snowstorm…and we need the moisture in any form.

It does come with frustration.  In trying to plow a path to the chicken coop on Sunday night I got my truck stuck.  I could see Katy through the window reading a book.  Rather than disturb her I hooked the jeep up to the truck and started trying a one person removal which resulted in one broken tow strap and a lot of cussing and a still-stuck truck and soon to be stuck Jeep.  It was about 5 degrees out.  I kept looking through the window at Katy just reading her book and thought she must be able to hear me out here, running back and forth between vehicles, putting the truck in neutral, and then slamming the Jeep in drive and trying to pop the truck loose.  Nothing.  She never moved.  When I finally came in I was sweating, snow-covered, hair wild and asked if she had any idea what I’d been doing for the last hour.

“Plowing I figured,” she said.  She then put her book down and looked outside at the two vehicles.  “I guess not.”  We got the truck out together on the first try.

Img 0515

Getting ready for the henny

Since then, it’s been a week of tying, plowing, shoveling and skiing and not much else until next week.  If you are an XC skier, the trails around here are in perfect condition and will be through the weekend.  If you want to mix in the some fishing, there might be an afternoon hour here or there but it’s not until next week that I’m going to think about getting in to my waders.  We are looking forward to tying this weekend on Saturday morning from 9 am to noon (details here).  Please RSVP at [email protected].

We have the Dr. Slick Nippers back in stock.  We also have this neat little stream thermometer from Fishpond that is going to make it a lot easier to take water temps.  Both qualify as gadgets with improvements, which in fly-fishing is an important distinction.

A new video from Robert Thompson:  On the Au Sable’s famous and infamous hex hatch, with RT’s characteristic attention to detail:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/noth2



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