Nice Days

Shaking off the optimism of this warm up has been difficult.  A big warm-up like this isn’t always great for the trout catching but it’s nice to be out on the river, of course, smelling spring smells: Melting snow and pines and wet logs.  I’ve had a few anglers from downstate send me pictures of black stoneflies.  It’s shaping up to be an early spring.  But this warm up, it isn’t spring, and soon enough temperatures will return somewhat too normal.  But after a winter of above-average temperatures and lower than average snowfall and ice build-up, I think we’re going to be ahead of the calendar.  We can’t control the water, but it sure would be nice to get some water into the river.  Despite the patches of snow in the woods, our soil is dry and the ground, in many places, has already thawed.

Img 0643

This muskrat has been feasting daily on some fresh grass growing in the spring seep in front of the dining room

Some folks have been getting out fishing with mixed results.  Like I said, the bump in air temperatures doesn’t always equal great fishing, but we’ve been catching some fish on streamers and nymphs just like you’d expect in normal winter conditions.  It seems like a south wind and a warm overnight helps the most.  Yesterday, Matt and I had an east wind.  We moved a few fish and he caught a nice one but overall it was just a nice float down the river looking at the new downed trees and the currents they created and how, overtime — and already — new trout pockets were forming.  It can be frustrating having a once good bubble line get ruined by a fallen tree…but thank goodness the river never stops changing!

20240207 112710

Denny and Sean found a nice rainbow on a beautiful afternoon

Today Greg and I are going to hit the river.  Not sure where and right now we’re not even sure when, but I tied some smallish streamers for small water and some biggish streamers for bigger water and we’ll let the sun do the rest.  If it’s sunny, we’ll head downriver.  If the clouds come, we’ll find a smaller section to fish.  Either way, it’s going to smell like spring and though it won’t last, it’s good to know it’s coming.

We have rooms open this Super Bowl weekend.  Come tie some flies, have dinner, and enjoy some peace and quiet!  You can even test cast the new Helios rods from Orvis…

We’ve had a blast tying on Saturdays (Free Fly Tying Saturdays).  We’ve been pushed to capacity, so if you’d like to attend, please do RSVP to [email protected].  It’s this Saturday, 9 am – 12 pm.  We welcome tyers of all abilities.  If you have a vise and tools, bring them.  If not, well, don’t sweat it!  See, it’s fun:

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