The joke all this winter has been that we had this coming and…we had this coming.  The little ponds froze back up.  White-outs.  Wind.  Frozen guides.  And the timing couldn’t be more deliciously cruel.  On the last warm day we had — I think it was the end of last week — the first #18 BWOs began hatching here in front of the lodge.  It was a nice hour of on and off bugs, the sort of first hatch of the season that says clearly “if it were going to be warm this next week, you’d have fish rising every afternoon.”  Nope.  March is cruel…we’re on the pause.

The rivers have returned to pretty low and pretty clear.  We will need all the moisture we can get over the coming weeks to make up for the lack of snowpack.  But, staying positive, low water springs usually mean some early dry fly fishing.  So when it does warm up, and the BWOs kick back on, I think those intrepid early anglers might find a few pods of rising trout throughout the next two weeks to spice up what will largely remain a subsurface fishery.

In the meantime, a very few folks are getting out there and braving what has been one of the least hospitable weeks of the year:

Img 1756

Matt and Mark started their three days off right!  

I’m headed down to Ohio for spring break with my family, which will hopefully include some smallmouth fishing at some of my old haunts.  That’ll be fun.

What will also be fun is getting back to Michigan and trading in my nymph rod and my streamer rod for a dry fly rod, sitting on a stump somewhere beside a nice slow tail-out, and waiting for bugs.   We’re almost there.

Hope to see you on March 30!

Spring Cleaning Sale (and Orvis/SA Demo Day)

New Secret Winston Stash:  We’ve acquired some more classic Winstons — IM6s and a WT.  If old Winstons are your jam, give me an email:  [email protected]

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