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Used Rods

More Used and otherwise not-quite-new fly rods. If you see one that you like, give us a call at 989 348 8462 or email [email protected]  In most cases prices are slightly negotiable.  Include sock and rod tube unless otherwise noted.

Winston IM6/San Miguel Combo:  A beautiful IM6 7′ 2 wt with an original San Miguel Size I reel.  This is the perfect creek-fishing/trico combination.  Combo: $650.  Individually priced, rod is $400 and reel is $300.

Winston BIIX 8′ 4 wt: A sweet little 4 wt.  Some folks think the BIIX was the best of the new generation Winston.  $400

Abel 0, ported:  A pleasant little reel in black/gloss finish.  Great for a 1-3 wt, maybe even a shorter 4 wt.  $300

Abel 0, Matte Finish:  Same as above, but Matte finished and not ported.  $250

G. Loomis NRX 9′ 8 wt:  A new rod with a slightly stained cork.  This is the very popular original NRXs with the blue wraps.  One of the finest all-around 8 wts ever built.  $500

McFarland Rod Co 7’9″ 4 wt:  A 5-piece fiberglass sweetheart by one of the best fiberglass builders in the world. Super delicate. This would make an excellent bluegill rod when it’s not busy catching you trout.  $495

Sage SP 9′ 5 wt 3-piece:  Sage’s classic all-around fly rod, fast with feel.  A great rod for folks that miss the feel of previous generations of graphite fly rods.  $400

Superfine Trout Bum 6’6″ 3 wt 4-piece:  Sweet little creekin’ rod with enough “whip” to throw bigger attractors.  $300

St. Croix Avid 9’6″ 7 wt 4-piece:  A great all-around steelhead rod at a great price.  $200

St. Croix Avid 6’6″ 4 wt 4-piece:  A small-water rod that can actually throw a big dry or small streamer. $200

Hardy Demon 10′ 7 wt 4-piece:  A seriously awesome indicator rod for great lakes steelhead.  $300

St. Croix Legend Elite 8’6″ 4 wt 4-piece:  A great dry fly rod for the month of May and mid-summer in the Mason Tract and Holy Waters.  $250

Beulah 9′ 7/8 wt 4-piece (2 tips):  Looking for an affordable fast action streamer rod or back up for your next destination trip? Look no further.  $150

Mystic Reaper 9′ 5 wt 4-piece:  These were originally based out of Portland, MI. A medium/fast action rod that casts, mends and fishes well.  Plastic still on the cork.  $150

Orvis HLS Graphite 9′ 8 WT 4-piece:  A moderate action 8-weight and an affordable option for the night time aficionado or bass bug junky. $200