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Awesome used rods.  Email [email protected] to grab yours

Winston IM6 and WT Tom Morgan Favorites, 8’4 wt: This iconic, rare, and awesome rod is even better doubled.  This matching set is in excellent condition, a great his/hers or parent/child set to be passed down.  Include double rod/reel travel tube.  Two-piece.  Many consider this to be the finest dry-fly 4-weight ever made.  Does not include original sock and tube.  $1100 OBO

Peerless 1.5 fly reel, with original case: You won’t find this reel better priced.  $450.  3-5 weight.  A beauty.

Winston IM6 8’6″ 6 wt: The perfect Au Sable drake/hex/night fish/fall streamer stick for anglers that want an ultra rare taper that you can’t find anywhere anymore.  I see those so rarely I was thinking of keeping it, but I better not.  Original rod and tube.  It’s all  here.    $500

Orvis Helios 3F 8’6″ 5 wt: This rod was bought, used, and returned quickly.  It’s in very close to perfect shape, and saves you $150 off the price of a new one.  As fine an all-around trout rod as we got.  Can fish a creek, and then fish the big water.  $700

Radian 9′ 5 wt: An awesome all-around 5 weight with a crisp action.  The Radian has been very popular for many years and this rod is in my opinion the best of the Scott 9′ rods.  $500

Sage Pulse 9′ 7 wt with Sage 2200 Reel and 7 wt Rio Gold: The whole set up.  Streamer/mouse/steelhead/carp.  $495