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Used Rods

We’ve acquired a bunch of used, previously owned, and otherwise not-quite-new rods of exceptionally good quality.  If you see one that you like, give us a call at 989 348 8462 or email [email protected]  In most cases prices are slightly negotiable.

Sold — Sage XP 9′ 4 wt 4 pc:  A classic with a cult-like following.  In excellent shape.  A perfect all-around dry-fly stick.  $500

Sold — Sage XP 9′ 6 wt 4 pc: A classic with a cult-like following.  In excellent shape.  Mice, streamers, hex.  $500

Sold — Sage XP 9’6″ 8 wt, 4 pc:  Another classic that is an excellent steelhead/streamer rod.  $450

Sold — Winston LT 8’9″ 5wt 5 pc:  A rod unlike any other.  Firm by the hand, soft tip, one of the best roll-casting rods ever made.  Great travel rod. $450

Winston LT 8’9″ 4wt 5 pc:  A sweet dry fly rod fit for travel via plane or backpack.  $450

Scott Radian 9′ 5 wt 4 pc: This rod was previously owned, never fished, and still has plastic on the cork.  $700 or make an offer.

Sage GFL 8’3″ 7 wt 4 pc:  Superb night fishing stick.  $400

Sage SP 9′ 5wt 3 pc:  An all-around performer with a very smooth action.  $400

Orvis Superfine Full Flex 3.0, 7′, 4 wt, 4 pc:  A soft, subtle little creek/small-fly rod.  $200

Sold — Hardy Shadow 9′ 5 wt 4 pc: Another previously owned rod that has never been used.  Plastic still on the cork.  $275

Orvis Superfine Touch, 9′ 5wt, 4pc:  A full flex 5-weight that is an awesome dry fly/hopper boat rod with plenty of feel into the hand for roll-casting.  I don’t believe this rod has ever been used.  $300

Sold — Helios 2 9′ 6 wt, 4 pc: This mid-flex option makes for one of the best all-around 6-weight fly rods you’ll find.  $350

Orvis HLS 9′ 8 wt 4 pc: I use this rod for night fishing.  A slow, lumbering bass popper/night fishing/steelhead rod.  Great for floating lines and bigger flies.  $200

Winston BIIX 9′ 9 wt 4 pc: Carp, steelhead, smallmouth, redfish.  A lightweight rod with plenty of flex.  $400

Sold — Winston DL 8′ 4 wt 4 pc: The only Winston 4-pc rod with internal spigot ferrules.  A sweetheart.  Another cult classic.  $400