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This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Turtle luck

My mother-in-law says that every day you see a turtle is a good day, and I’ve taken that to heart and it has proven, as self-fulfilling prophecies often do, to

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This heat

If all the world is a stage, than the spotlight has been shining, uninhibited, for about ten scorching days.  At first this was welcome, and the bugs and fish loved

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The head

Monday was a perfect day – but we’ve had a lot of those lately.  Still:  70s, light wind, and a menu of bugs that favor such days: sulphurs, caddis, yellow

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And there it is

The title of this report refers to the moment in the fishing season when blind-fishing a dry fly down a sunny bubble line is no longer a futile practice.  On

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Nothing Happens Next

May 27, Garage Sale Donations at Gates Lodge, 9 am – 11 am Got old fishing and hunting stuff?  Or, old art, collectibles, camping gear, or just some sports equipment? 

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Happy Opener!  And what a great Opening Weekend it was.  Friday was one of my all-time favorite days of working in the fly shop.  The bugs hatched well, the fish

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A Henny Opener

Well, thar she blows!  The hendricksons hatch is now roaring across much of the river system.  It happened in mere days, a shotgun start unlike any hendrickson hatch I can

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The transition

Through all the warm weather and cold weather the upcoming season has kept me busy enough that I didn’t get to fish until today.  I knew this afternoon would be

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Rollercoaster of bugs

Common question:  How do you best fish an 87 degree day in mid-April?  Answer:  Dunno…never seen this before. Well, over the last few days, here is what we’ve learned:  Not

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