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This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Bug soup

This is the bug soup season:  Multiple hatches that can epitomize the best parts of fly-fishing.  The angler must play by the rules of the trout.  Sometimes all the trout

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Fish fish

I try to always fish on my birthday, and by fish, I mean fish fish.  What’s the difference between that and trying to cherry-pick the evening rise?  Well…everything, really.  My

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The hendricksons are here

Today — an ultra-bright scorcher of a 60 degree day to my winter-weary skin — the hendricksons finally emerged in an event that was something more than a trickle.  Never

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Happy Opener

4/28 Update… Jac Ford will be at the lodge Saturday morning signing copies of his book:  The View from the Middle Seat.  We will have copies at the lodge.  If you’ve

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It’s been a cold spring and the few olives we’ve seen have served to tease.  But moods have been bright.  Spring, after all, is coming.  We’ve happily mined the depths

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High, Cold Water

At some point in the next week, this fishing report will be on a new website.  Same Gates Lodge, just a new website.   What a long march toward spring.  I

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Two at a time

Still have some slots open for this Saturday’s Free Fly Tying Session, 9 am – 2 pm (or whenever you get sick of tying).   See bottom of report for details…

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A certain type of water

Today felt right in that way only March can feel right.  It’s like having a taste in a particular food that isn’t universal, like sweetbreads or tongue.  Light drizzle, persistent

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Mud Season

A fish I didn’t catch made my day today.  It was finning in front of a log jam in about two feet of water.  If I’d had my sight-nymphing stuff

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