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This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

Scorcher (and the reprieve)

It has been terrifically hot not only in northern Michigan, but across great swaths of the Midwest.  It culminated today in cancelled guide trips and, I think, a fair amount

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And so it begins

After a few false starts, the hex have come to the Au Sable.  Not wanting to fall victim to rumor, I made it to the river tonight for some first-person

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Mixed Bag

To put it lightly:  Mixed bag.  It’s drake season on the Au Sable.  I’m feeling it.  I felt it when a brief rainstorm killed the spinner fall at the top

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The Sparrow

It’s getting awfully near brown drake time on the Au Sable.  A week of miserably hot weather, skyrocketing water temps, and warm nights has started the first of our big

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Brown Bugs

Brown bugs:  The mixed bag of spinners on mid-May evenings.   It used to be that we tried to identify all of them, but our old friend Dennis B just called

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Catching Colds

It’s been a week of bugs.  Hendricksons are something of a solo performance.  They can be awesome…or they can cancel the show all together.  But now that we’re well into

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The Evening Rise

What a week of wind and rain and hendricksons!  Angling hearts were both filled and broken.   The one dimensionality of the hendricksons has faded into a pleasant mix of light

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Magic Seams

Happy Opening Day all you trout anglers!  The traditional trout opener (last Saturday in April) marks the start of what we consider the prime season.  And it sure is looking

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You know when you’ve earned something.  Maybe it was a week of fishing when, after 4 days of wretched luck but hard effort, a giant fish is found at the

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