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This page contains all Gates Au Sable Lodge fishing reports going back to 2015. Just keep scrolling and more reports will load!

The Fortnightly Flies…

Every week or two we try to post a new fly-tying video.  Featured flies range from Au Sable favorites to newer flies that have proven successful on the river.  We

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Lowlight Marinaro Spinner

This little fly is nothing more than the classic, Marinaro spinner with a little post for the evening angler.  While I normally don’t care if I can see my flies

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The brown bug

In the middle of May, a cornucopia of trout bugs create splendid dry-fly fishing.  It is my favorite time of year to fish the Au Sable.  Two caddis, the last

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Rusty’s Laid Back Drake

I’m not quite sure who originated this fly, but I saw Rusty tie it a long time ago.  It’s a good pattern for the larger drake and drake-like mayflies: brown

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Bunny Quigley

The Quigley style emerger has gone thru many a metamorphosis.  We are guilty as the next mad tyer.  But this iteration is one of our favorites: the rabbit foot fore

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Easy Awesome

The Awesome is one of my favorite flies.  It works from June thru September, but is at its best on the hottest days of early July, when the deerflies are

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Brown Drake

This fly is the marrying of several local styles, and is thus of no credit to anybody but them.  Body and tail courtesy of Clarence Roberts.  Hackle style courtesy Jerry

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Hendrickson Thorax Looper

Hendrickson Thorax Looper: Loop wing flies — both parachute and thorax style — have solved many a riddle the last two years.  They are easy to tie, and present a

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