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24 Hours

After 10 years of the Midnight Derby, we thought it was time to do something different.  So here is our beta version of a brand new fundraiser.  From 12 pm Saturday to 12 pm Sunday (August 13-August 14), teams of two anglers can fish anywhere they want, with whatever fly they want, on a sprawling (or not so sprawling) scavenger hunt across Northern Michigan (or as far as you want to drive, really).   Fish for an hour, or 24 of them.  Just turn your checklist in when you’re done fishing. This year, there’s no lunch, no shirts, and no fee.  But, yes, prizes!   Fly rods, Lines, Fly Selections, and more.   Next year, we’ll make it an official fundraiser.

We will have donation buckets at the event for the Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited, which we supported annually through the Midnight Derby.  If this is nothing more than a great excuse to grab a kid and spend a weekend fishing, then mission accomplished.  If you and a bud want to give this thing a real run, well, have at it.

The 2022 24-Hour Challenge

Free Fly Casting Lessons:  10 am – 12 pm

Lunch: 12 pm Aug 12 – 12 pm Aug 13

Teams of two, fly-fishing only


Most points   Biggest Trout      Best Picture        Biggest of Each Species      Size 28 Club


Teams of two can enter up to two fish per species, and do so by entering the length of the fish caught.  Example:  Bluegill 8”, Bluegill 9” would yield the team 2 points, but the total length of all fish caught will be used as a tie-breaker.  


Brown Trout (2):

Rainbow Trout(3):

Brook Trout(2):



Green Sunfish(1):




Rock Bass(1):






Trout on a size 28 (6):

-Teams must START and END at Gates to qualify fish.  

-Teams must use fly fishing techniques and flies to score and compete. 

– Please measure your fish safely and accurately and, of course, don’t lie.

-Fish wherever you want in the state of Michigan.

-Have fun and explore.  

Previous Fishing Reports

Trying hard

You have to try hard this time of year — harder now than a few weeks ago.  I got out a few times this week and had a blast.  Yesterday I got to sit in the front of the riverboat for a few hours — best seat in the world, if you ask me — and the fishing was awesome.  Caught fish right through the afternoon on dries and droppers, solo dries, and then a wet skunk.  Had a VERY

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A quiet wade

There is a little patch of the South Branch that I consider something like my home water.  It’s not my favorite stretch, but I love it.  As teenagers we used to do a lot of wades — long point-to-point wades, alternating who was in the lead.  Inevitably such wades, often done in the heat of a summer afternoon, led to a lot of little trout.  This stretch was a favorite.  It’s about a mile of uninterrupted riffle, with primarily brook

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