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Hex with John Sheets, June 15, 1 pm – 4 pm

Do you get bored to death during the day waiting for night fall and the sound of big fish rising?  Here’s what you do:  Tie flies with us!  This three-hour class will help you fill your hex box before you head out fishing  for the night.  John Sheets has been a commercial fly tyer for decades and is locally famous for tying some of the most innovative flies in Michigan.  You will learn to tie cleaner, better hex flies.  All materials provided.  Sign-up via email with [email protected] or give us a call 989 348 8462.

1pm – 4pm
8 people

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Trying hard

You have to try hard this time of year — harder now than a few weeks ago.  I got out a few times this week and had a blast.  Yesterday I got to sit in the front of the riverboat for a few hours — best seat in the world, if you ask me — and the fishing was awesome.  Caught fish right through the afternoon on dries and droppers, solo dries, and then a wet skunk.  Had a VERY

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A quiet wade

There is a little patch of the South Branch that I consider something like my home water.  It’s not my favorite stretch, but I love it.  As teenagers we used to do a lot of wades — long point-to-point wades, alternating who was in the lead.  Inevitably such wades, often done in the heat of a summer afternoon, led to a lot of little trout.  This stretch was a favorite.  It’s about a mile of uninterrupted riffle, with primarily brook

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