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Simms & St. Croix Demo Day

Come join us for an awesome Saturday! Our friend and sales rep Tony will be here showing off all the great new Simms gear and St. Croix rods. Spend the day learning about products, demoing new rods, and chase the bugs of May. We’ll have sales, combos, deals, coffee. From the new Simms’ Freestone Z Bootfoot waders, the updated G3 boot, to the full spectrum of St. Croix rods, this will be a super fun day of kicking tires and tossing loops.

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Scorcher (and the reprieve)

It has been terrifically hot not only in northern Michigan, but across great swaths of the Midwest.  It culminated today in cancelled guide trips and, I think, a fair amount of disappointment among anglers who traveled to fish the cold waters of the Au Sable only to find said waters to be lukewarm.  It happens during hex season…but usually we can find some cold water.   I know some anglers went out tonight with game plans to wait for the water

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And so it begins

After a few false starts, the hex have come to the Au Sable.  Not wanting to fall victim to rumor, I made it to the river tonight for some first-person verification.   There hadn’t yet been a big blow-out hatch on the upper river, but tonight seemed, at least in the world of mayfly hatches, to be about as sure a thing as tomorrow’s sunrise.  Since I didn’t have the river to myself, I’m guessing others thought this way as well.

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