Fortnightly Fly: CDC Hendrickson Parachute

Tying parachutes with soft materials for posts, such as CDC or turkey flats, can be pretty frustrating.  The trick, or one of them anyway, is to post not only with the wing, but the leftover material you’d normally cut off, effectively doubling the amount of post material at the base.  Loon UV Flow resin covering a body tied with Hends Pearl Micro Braid in pink give this fly a unique opaque shine.  If you’d like a kit for this fly, or any of the materials listed, give us a call.

Hook: Daiichi 1180, size 14

Thread: Benecchi Lt Dun, 12/0

Tail: Med Dun Spade Hackle

Body: Hends Pearl Micro Braid, Pink

Wing: Polish CDC, “grey”

Hackle: Med Dun

Thorax: Beaver Dubbing, tan


The Royal Patriot Skunk has only worked once, but then again it has only been tried once, at least by me.  This fly floats a bit higher, and offers a bigger profile, than the original.  I have six ready to go for those skunky summer days.  The original uses the same components, just sub in the smolt blue krystal flash for the peacock, and put the red thread where the krystal flash is in the fly below.  The Patriot Skunk saved a few guide days for me, and made some others.  It is a combination of Lafontaine’s Double Wing and the Patriot.

Hook: Daiichi 1280 size 10-16

Thread: Red Uni 6/0

Tail: Deer hair

Body: Peacock

Body #2: Smolt Blue Krystal Flash

Wing: Three Stands of White Para Post

Legs: Medium or small white round rubber

Hackle: Brown saddle, one size small (i.e. use a size 14 saddle for a #12 fly)


Marinaro Spinner

This little fly is nothing more than the classic, Marinaro spinner with a little post for the evening angler.  While I normally don’t care if I can see my flies at dusk, for sparse spinners like this, it’s good to know that your fly is still floating.  And this fly is sparse!  But if you find a tough fish eating hendrickson spinners on the edge of a backwater at dusk, you’ll love this fly, and you’ll even love the post as much as, I’m certain, Marinaro would hate it.

Daiichi 1180, size to match the natural

Uni 6/0 Dark Brown, or color to match the natural

Dun Microfibbets

Beaver or synthetic dubbing to match natural

Hackle in medium dun, or grizzly dyed dun

2 mm foam in white, yellow, or chartreuse