Guide Rates and Booking

2020 Guide Trips and Rates

Full Day Float:  $400 — one angler, $425 — two anglers

Half Day Float: $325, one or two anglers

Hex Float (date specific, typically June 15-July 3: $425 — one anglers, $450 two anglers

Mousing Floats:  $375, one or two anglers, usually start after 8 pm

Wade trips (all year) and Instruction sessions: one or two anglers, $275, three anglers $350

Off-Season Floats (November, December, January, February, March): 5-6 hours, includes snack, $375

A $100 Fee is charged for trips canceling less than five days from the scheduled float.  Trips canceled within 24 hours are charged the full rate of the float.