Lost and Found

If you lose it, or find it, we’ll post it. Many items were actually returned to their owners through this site. Bravo for all those truly honest fisher folks out there. If you lose something, or find something, send us an email so we can post it.

Brack Hill Tackle Co Bamboo Fly Rod with Orvis CFO Reel, at Potters Landing on South Branch.  Please contact the shop if found!  Rod/Reel was a cherished gift.  9/28/17

Tibor Spring Creek this past June on the South Branch

Lost spare set of Toyota Car keys…either Smith Bridge or Chase Bridge access most likely.  9/2/17



A soft satchel with fishing gear, including, among many other things, a fly box. Identify “other things” and it is yours.

Box of Flies outside of lodge.